School Core Value

  • Excellence

Excellence is the attitude that always strives for truth, goodness, and beauty with perseverance, resulting in high quality works recognized by others in accordance with the potentials given by God.

Verse: Colossians 3:23
  • Integrity

Integrity is living one’s life centred towards Christ in the consciousness of God’s presence, resulting in a life that is honest, sincere, consistent, fair, ethical, and trustworthy.

Verses: Psalm 15
  • Compassion

Compassion is a heart attitude, being full of love, that tends to be moved by the needs of others, both spiritual and physical, willing to empathize and even to suffer together, resulting in actions of reaching out to the needy with the good news of the kingdom of Christ and good works.

Verses: Matthew 9:36
  • Wholeheartedness

Wholeheartedness is a firmness of heart that trusts in God such that one lives an undivided life wholly for God, serving Him with all heart, willingness, and loyalty.

Verses: Isaiah 26
  • Courage

Courage is a moral strength given by the Holy Spirit to speak and act according to one’s conviction led by the truth, despite oppositions from popular beliefs, venturing, persevering, and withstanding dangers, fears, difficulties, pains, or griefs, willing to sacrifice and bear the consequences.

Verses: Joshua 1
  • Godliness

Godliness is a devoted life that is both reverent and intimate with the LORD, knowing His heart and loving His Word, resulting in a life that bears the fruit of the Spirit, constantly growing in self-denial and imitation of Christ’s life, who is the perfect image of God.

Verses: Genesis 5:22
  • Servanthood

Servanthood is a life of humility and active service, considering others’ good more important than self, focusing on faithfulness to one’s duty rather than one’s own right or reward, willing to suffer in order to serve and care for others with joyful heart.

Verses: Philippians 2:1-10