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CBCS is a classical, Christian school. Our goal is to provide our students with Christ-centered learning environment, where the students are equipped with a biblical worldview. It’s our desire that we will cultivate the love of Indonesia and the love of learning in the heart of our students.



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If you need more information please contact our school administrator, or you could join us with admission process from our enroll button bellow

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CBCS Distance Learning
When learning from home, screams fun! Our 1st graders are learning about Italy in their class and they decided to sprinkle some fun to lesson by try cooking some Italian traditional food with a video recipe. And yes, they seem to be enjoying it so much!
Presentasi Karya Ilmiah merupakan tugas akhir siswa kelas 11 SMA Cahaya Bangsa Classical School dalam pembelajaran Bahasa Indonesia dan Indonesian Studies. Presentasi ini memiliki tujuan melatih siswa menuangkan pemikiran dan pengetahuan yang didapat dari penelitian ilmiah dalam bentuk tulisan dan mempresentasikannya dengan sistematis dan sesuai dengan kaidah bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Dalam kondisi pandemik covid-19, presentasi ini pun dilaksanakan secara daring (online) dengan sistematika sesuai standar yang ditetapkan. Siswa/i melakukannya dengan semangat, begitu pula dengan panelis sebagai tim diskusi yang andal.
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Because together, we are stronger
CBCS is working together with Peduli Bandung dan Sesama organization to help provide APD for medical staffs around West Bandung through IDI Kabupaten Bandung Barat. The donation was made yesterday, and we hope this may be of help for everyone in need.
“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.” - Hebrews 10:24
  1. Early Childhood
  2. Grammar
  3. SOL
  4. SOR

Early Childhood

IMG 5355Early Childhood education provides the strong foundation necessary for the spiritual, academic, and social development of each child. They will learn how to adjust to a school environment, where they will be taught and trained to be able to help themselves. Teachers help students to build relationships with others using Biblical principles.



Grammar School

IMG 1867The first years of schooling are called the “grammar stage.” CBCS Grammar School is comprised of students from Grade 1 to Grade 6. The grammar stage are the years in which the building blocks for all other learning are laid. In the elementary school years the mind is ready to absorb information. Children at this age actually find memorization fun. During this period, students will begin to learn of facts. Students will learn such things as the rules of phonics and spelling, rules of grammar for English writing and speaking, poems, the vocabulary of foreign languages, the stories of history and literature, descriptions of plants and animals and the human body, and the facts of mathematics.



School of Logic

IMG 1616solBy fifth or sixth grade, a child’s mind begins to think more analytically. The “logic stage” is a time when students begin to notice cause and effect, how different fields of knowledge relate, and the way facts fit together into a logical framework. These students begin to develop their natural capacity for abstract thought while continuing to nourish their curiosity.

Our academic goals for the School of Logic students include learning how to become self-learners, learning how to manage their schedules and demands, and learning how to think critically and logically.


School of Rhetoric

IMG 20161028 WA0012The CBCS School of Rhetoric is comprised of 125+ students from Grade 10 to Grade 12. It is the capstone of CBCS Classical Education. This is where the students are trained to become future leaders equipped with Christian worldview and technical skills to go out into the world and become culture changers. Building on the first two stages of the Classical Trivium, students in the “rhetoric stage,” will learn to write and speak with confidence and originality. They learn to apply the rules of logic to the basic information learned in the early grades.


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